The Benefits Of Home Brewing


Have you ever picked up a beer and try to find what type of ingredients goes into it? Well, you couldn’t find anything about the ingredients, could you? Makes you wonder what you are actually gulping down into your gut.


With home brewing, you are very sure of what goes into your beer. Each and every ingredient required to make your home brewing a success is clearly indicated on the home brewing kit.


Other benefits of having your own home brewed beer will include :


·         Cost savings – Cost savings are substantial when you brew your own beer. Cost savings comes from savings from retailers and pub operators’ mark-up profit margins, and government taxes on alcohol.


·         Passive hobby – Unlike most types of hobbies, beer brewing does not require you to spend lots of money and time. In fact, you will quickly realize that most of the time, you are just waiting out the fermentation and conditioning process of the beer.


·         Impress your friends – Hold your own beer parties and impress your friends with your very own home brewed beer. Every brew makes 23 litres of beer, so you can be very sure that you have more than enough to go around.


·         No drink driving problems – Drink driving is a serious problem in today’s society. With home brewed beer, you enjoy your beer in the comfort of your home. This reduces your running in with the law because you had a bit too much. But more importantly, it reduces your chances of killing or maiming someone or yourself when you drink and drive.


We at strongly promote responsible drinking. If you drink, don’t drive.