Types Of Beers


Broadly speaking, there are just mainly 2 categories of beer; lagers and ales. Lagers use lager yeast and they are fermented at a cooler temperature. They have an alcohol content of about 4% or lower, and is lighter in body and colour.


Ales, on the other hand, use ale yeast and are fermented at a warmer temperature than lagers. Ales are less carbonated and are also fuller bodied. They also have a higher alcohol content of more than 4%.



Types Of Lagers


Pilsner : The Pilsner looks amber coloured or golden hued. It is made with hard water and is generally more effervescent with a dry, crisp, bitter taste.


Light : These beers are clear in colour. Their alcohol content is lesser than that of regular beers as they are made with lesser amount of malt.


Dark : These beers are chocolaty brown to the point of being almost opaque in colour. They tend to be richer and fuller bodied than other lagers. Some are even flavoured with roasted barley.



Types Of Ales


Brown : This ale has a full body and a medium-sweet taste, and looks copper coloured.


Porter : Porters are generally strong and dark in colour. They have a bittersweet chocolaty taste and a malt aroma. Porters are brewed with soft instead of the usual hard water.


Stout : Stouts are darker and fuller bodied than other ales. They are made from roasted barley or roasted malts, and are a variant of the porter ale. The origin of stouts dates back to Ireland with famous brands like Guinness and Murphy’s.