About Us


HomeBrewEmpire.com is part of Mackessen Chemicals Pte Ltd, a company established and operating in Singapore since 1998. We have offices in China, Indonesia and Malaysia. . We own and operate from our own premises and warehouses in these countries. We have been the exclusive distributor for British Diamalt since 1993


Our goal is to bring to you the best and finest British Home Brew kits. From British Diamalt of England, we bring to you the  Sherwood Ale Finest, Sherwood Ale, MasterClass and Bulldog Blends Canned Malt Extracts. These kits are imported directly from Robin Hood County, renowned for the legend of the infamous outlaw Robin Hood and his Merry Men.



At HomeBrewEmpire.com, your satisfaction is our success. That’s why we spare no effort in ensuring that you get your money’s worth of the best and finest British Home Brew kits.