The below range summary is listed approximately lightest to darkest. All of the below kits make 40 UK pints, which is 22.7 litres or 6 US gallons. Sherwood Ale brewing instructions are found in the box.


Sherwood Ale Beer Kits include 3kg of hop-flavoured 100% boiled malt extract, John Bull Premium Ale Yeast and a sachet of specially selected hop pellets for each variety. No sugar required for brewing.


Bavarian Pilsner

More of the sugar is converted to alcohol in this strong European-style premium pale lager with a fragrant, flowery bouquet and an elegant dry hoppy finish giving a refreshing slightly sharp taste. Good with salads, fish, or chicken. Best served chilled. EBC 8-12° EBU 25° +/-3


India Pale Ale
A refreshing golden coloured ale originally created in the the 18th century to last the long shipment (up to 6 months) from Britain to the British Empire. The pale ale was destined for the British troops serving in India. It has lots of hop character, with a smooth well-balanced body. Try with crumbly East Midland's Melton Mowbray Pork Pies. Serve at 13°C (55°F). EBC 12-18° EBU 40° +/-4

Best Bitter
Modelled on the classic English well hopped ale with a deep bronze colour served in pubs throughout England. A smooth malty and balanced beer. Try with Lincolnshire sausages from the East Midlands. Serve at 13°C (55°F). EBC 30° +/-5 EBU 40° +/-5

Traditional Ale
A darker and well hopped bitter in the English tradition, full-bodied with a dark malt character. This is classic 19th century bitter style served in inns and alehouses throughout Victorian Britain. Today it is still very popular especially in country pubs. Try with finest East Midland's Stilton Cheese. Serve at 13°C (55°F). EBC 50°+/-5 EBU 45° +/-5

Dark Oak Ale
A lightly hopped malted and tasty dark beer, which is low in bitterness giving a soft smooth brew. This is a ale from the English Midlands based 19th century paler milds from the Midlands. Try with Bakewell Tart. Serve at 13°C (55°F). EBC 75° +/-10 EBU 25° +/-3