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Home Brewing

NO Boil Sherwood Ale 

Beer brewing is perhaps one of the most ancient skills ever known to man. It was probably already around about the same time when mankind discovered agriculture and the domestication of live stocks.


Beer was also called “liquid bread” in the old days. As such, arguments abound as to which came about first, bread or beer. Perhaps one may have been the offshoot byproduct of the other.


Ancient beer would probably have tasted much more different than the beer of today, considering the differences in technologies and brewing techniques.


Nonetheless, beer has been enjoyed all over the world for many, many centuries, across the many nations and races of people all over the globe.


We are very proud to announce the arrival of the finest of British made Home Brew Kits : The Sherwood Ale, Sherwood Ale Finest, and  John Bulls range from the Robin Hood County.