Sherwood Ale Finest - The Ultra Premium 3.5 kg Boxed Beer and Cidex Kits




Sherwood Ale Finest  


NO Boil Sherwood Ale  




From Robin Hood's County

Sherwood Ale Finest kits are made in Newark-on-Trent. The market town is only a short distance from Sherwood Forest. The ancient Nottinghamshire woodland is famous for its English oak and in particular the 'Major Oak' which is at least 800 years old. It is perhaps even more famous for being the home of the legendary outlaw and archer Robin Hood and his 'Merry Men'; Will Scarlet, Friar Tuck and Little John. The story of Robin Hood and his romance with Maid Marian is set in the Forest and major city of Nottingham. The city is infamous for the Sheriff of Nottingham, foe of Robin Hood. Newark-on-Trent is an historic Nottinghamshire town, where King John (famous for the Magna Carta) died in the Newark Castle in 1216. It is part of Robin Hood Legend that he was poisoned by a cleric called Friar Tuck! The town was a Royalist stronghold in the 1640s during the English Civil War. Newark Castle withstood 3 Parliamentarian sieges, but in 1646 Cromwell ordered it to be destroyed on the King's surrender (the wall against the Trent remains).


From a Malting & Brewing Tradition

Under a mile away (1km) from the beautiful Newark Castle grounds overlooking the River Trent, is the British DiaMalt home of Sherwood Ale Finest. The historic market town of Newark-on-Trent has a long connection with the malting and brewing industries. It had several breweries and numerous maltings in the 19th Century, mainly due to its close proximity to the rich agricultural land of Lincolnshire and east Nottinghamshire.


The 'Finest' Beer Kits

Sherwood Ale’s Finest are the ‘finest’ beer and cider kits ever made in Robin Hood’s County and are one of the World’s best. No sugar is required during brewing for all 3 kits. The Premium Woodland Ale and Premium Forest Bitter contain 100% boiled malt extract made from only the finest quality malted barley and water. Hops are then added to perfectly compliment the rich malt flavour. Following the straightforward instructions, you add the Premium John Bull Beer Yeast and the specially selected hop pellets.


The 'Finest' Cider Kit

8 miles (13km) away from Newark-on-Trent is the small town of Southwell. It is famous for Southwell Minster, one of England’s loveliest cathedrals and for being the birthplace of Bramley Apples. Sherwood Ale Finest Premium Orchard Cider continues the local connection with apples. This product is made to an Ultra-Premium cider kit recipe and is made with apple juice concentrate than normal cider kits, to bring what we regard as the best ever cider from a kit. Unfortunately our apple juice concentrate is not local but we only source high quality product from within the EU. For the complete product range, click here.