Sherwood Ale-The Premium 3kg Boxed Beer Kit





Sherwood Ale 

NO Boil Sherwood Ale 



From Robin Hood's County

Sherwood Ale Beer kits are made in Newark-on-Trent. The Nottinghamshire market town is only a short distance from Sherwood Forest, the home of the legendary outlaw and archer, Robin Hood. The historic town of Newark-on-Trent has a long connection with the malting and brewing industries. It had several breweries and numerous maltings in the 19th Century, mainly due to its close proximity to the rich agricultural land of Lincolnshire and east Nottinghamshire.

Premium Boxed Beer Kit
Sherwood Ale Beer Kits are an outstanding premium boxed beer kit. They have been specially designed for the lover of traditional beers. Sherwood Ale produces beers with a perfect blend of malt (they contain 100% boiled malt extract made from the finest malted barley) and hops (each kit contains a sachet of specially selected hop pellets for each variety). No sugar is required during brewing. There are many premium boxed beer kits on the market, but Sherwood Ale Beer Kits are the only premium boxed beer kit made at our Nottinghamshire malt extract factory. This ensures that this premium boxed kit range has a unique taste.

We make the Premium Beer Kits, You make Quality Beers
The concept of brewing is simple and, subject to following the instructions, the quality is guaranteed. Our factory has exactly the same production equipment as a brewery; the major difference is that where a brewery ferments the wort, we evaporate it to 80% solids. Thus a standard brewing wort becomes malt extract (or concentrated malted barley wort).To make Sherwood Ale Beer Kits we take the finest quality English malted barley, extract and boil them to develop unmistakable clarity and release their natural flavour compounds. Each variety has its own blend of hops to compliment the malt perfectly to give rich and malty beers of unsurpassed flavour and quality. The result of this is that, to make a beer of supreme quality in the house, all that needs to be done is to put back the water evaporated out in our factory, add a sachet of John Bull Premium Ale Yeast and let nature take its course. No boiling required and no need to add sugar. The complete product range, click here.