Companion Foods To Your Home Brewed Beer


This page is dedicated to the many Singaporean drinkers out there who love their food as much as their beer. If you are a foreigner visiting Singapore, we welcome you to try out some of the companion and finger foods recommended below.


The golden rule behind beer drinking is NEVER drink on an empty stomach. That’s because beer is generally acidic, and drinking on an empty stomach could cause stomach upset, feeling bloated as well as a tendency to get drunk easily.


We hereby recommend some companion and finger foods that go very well with your beer drinking.


1.      Fish and Chips – Fish and chips is a traditionally English dish. Although most of the fish and chips served here in Singapore pales in comparison to their Western counterparts, nonetheless it still makes a good companion food to your beer.


2.      Deep Fried Baby Squids – This is an all time favourite for Singaporean drinkers. Deep fried baby squids can be bought at most coffee shops or hawker centres that feature zhe char stalls. Just ask whether they serve sotong kia (in Hokkien) or sotong chai (in Cantonese).


3.      Satay – Satay and beer go perfectly well. If you are throwing a beer party, never forget to include satay as your companion food.


4.      Deep Fried Crackers – Almost all types of crackers or keropok goes well with beer. That’s why you see them being served in restaurants, nightclubs, bars and pubs (of course at a ridiculously marked up price). Eating lobster / fish / prawn crackers with a beer in hand in front of the television watching your favourite soccer team is indeed one of life’s little luxuries.


5.      Peanuts and groundnuts – Like deep fried crackers, peanuts and groundnuts complement your beer like a hand in glove. Most brands of peanuts and groundnuts are suitable to go with your beer, but avoid those that are sugar coated. A strong recommendation is the A1 brand of groundnuts (you can tell from its thumbs-up picture on the packaging). A caution though. If you hosting guests please make sure you do not serve those who are allergic to peanuts or groundnuts.


Finally, remember to avoid sweet stuff when you are enjoying your beer. That’s because beer generally is bitter to the taste. When you eat something sweet, e.g. ice cream, and then go back to drinking immediately, your beer may taste exceedingly bitter. So try to avoid sweet stuff when drinking.